Keyboard replaces on most laptops are very straight forward. It is usually connected by screws to the laptop and a ribbon connector to the motherboard. 


1. Dissemble back panel of laptop by removing all the screws. Once done, pry around the edges to pop out the plastic clips that hold the cover on.

2. Locate the ribbon connector, its usually brown or black. The connection has a lock on it, there are two black sliders on the side. Push them out and the ribbon should release.

3. Depending on the laptop at this point. The laptop may just fall out once the cover is removed. If not there are hidden screws on the outside cover on the top of the keyboard, they may be hidden by a plastic strip. Once the screws are removed pull forward on the keyboard and it should slide out, If not read step 4.

4. If the keyboard didn't have hidden screws. On the bottom of the keyboard you may see a tab that slides into the cover. Get a flat head and carefully pry it out, If it wont move DON'T FORCE IT because it will break. If this doesn't work look around and find how to take it out. If nothing is found google it and you should be able to figure it out.

5. Once figured out, reassemble and make sure it works before putting all the screws back into place.